Curriculum Vitae [PDF]


  • Disruptions to health care quality and early child health outcomes: Evidence from health worker strikes in Kenya (with Willa Friedman)
    [PDF] Journal of Health Economics, (2022).

  • The Effect of Savings Accounts on Interpersonal Financial Relationships: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Rural Kenya (with Pascaline Dupas and Jonathan Robinson)
    [PDF] Economic Journal, 129 (617): 273-310, (2019).

  • Women’s Schooling, Fertility, and Child Health Outcomes: Evidence from Uganda’s Free Primary Education Program

    [PDF] Journal of Development Economics, 135: 142-159, (2018).

  • Challenges in Banking the Rural Poor: Evidence from Kenya’s Western Province (with Pascaline Dupas, Sarah Green, and Jonathan Robinson)
    [PDF] in African Successes Vol. III: Modernization and Development. (NBER Conference Report.), Sebastian Edwards, Simon Johnson, and David N. Weil, editors. University of Chicago Press (2012).

Working Papers

  • Maternal Care and Child Mortality: Evidence from Three Policy Reforms in Ghana (with Willa Friedman)
    [PDF] January 2024.

  • Can Education be Standardized? Evidence from Kenya (with Guthrie Gray-Lobe, Michael Kremer, Isaac Mbiti, and Owen Ozier)
    [PDF] September 2022.

  • Economic Returns to Schooling: Long-run Effects of Uganda’s Free Primary Education Program

  • District Growth in Uganda: Public Service Provision and Citizen Political Engagement

  • Occupational Choice in Rural Kenya: Using Subjective Expectations to Measure Credit and Insurance Constraints